New Month, New Delicacies!🍲

A new month, a new beginning filled with new flavors! 💚
Our talented chefs, inspired by traditional family recipes, bring three delicious dishes from Indian cuisine to your table! Experience the delightful and authentic aromas of India. It will make you feel right at home! 
Chicken Momos are an indispensable part of every home and kitchen in Sikkim, India. They are steamed dumplings with a filling. Whether served as an appetizer, a quick snack, or a wholesome meal, momos continue to be a beloved culinary tradition in Sikkim and beyond.
This culinary experience is not just a meal but a cultural connection to the coastal areas of India. Fish Curry and Rice is a delicious dish where the fish is prepared in a spicy curry sauce and served with fragrant rice. The perfect harmony of spices and flavors makes this dish a true culinary delight.
Chettinad Chicken Masala and Rice is one of the most famous dishes in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. This flavor is characterized by unique spice blends and intense aromas. Chettinad Chicken Masala is a culinary delight prepared by cooking chicken pieces in a richly spiced sauce.
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