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I am Chef Abhishek, originally from the picturesque state of Kerala, India. I am the culinary chef behind the brand, Kokoland. With a deep-rooted passion for cooking, I specialize in creating exquisite Indian traditional dishes that embody the rich flavors and heritage of our cuisine. I am genuinely thrilled to have the opportunity to share traditional Indian recipes with you.

Abhishek, Berlin | Joined in 2021

I am Nilgün, an experienced cook hailing from the beautiful country of Turkey. Cooking has been a cherished part of my life for decades. As a home cook, I take great pride in preserving the authentic flavors of Turkish cuisine, passed down through generations. I am excited to share the taste of Turkey's culinary heritage with you. It brings me immense joy to offer you a taste of my homeland's delicious traditions through my homemade dishes.Become a Cook

Nilgün Sunar| Joined in 2020

I am Chef Nashed, proud to call Syria my home. As the culinary force behind the restaurant Himmel 8 and the popular culinary brand, Yalla, I am on a mission to bring the exquisite flavours of the Mediterranean to your table. With years of experience and a deep love for cooking, I craft dishes that capture the essence of Mediterranean cuisine. From fragrant dishes bursting with herbs and spices, I am genuinely excited to share a taste of the Mediterranean's culinary delights with you. Welcome to a culinary journey filled with the richness of our Mediterranean heritage.

Nashed from Yalla I Joined In 2022