The next big step! 🚀

The food revolution is growing and is now giving passionate cooks outside of Berlin the opportunity for the first time to make their dream of owning a restaurant from their private kitchen a reality! 🌟

The start of the major expansion will take place in 3 cities:

Hamm 💚 

Ruhrpott, here we come! Even in the old mining days, people went into the mines with homemade meals at Henkelmann. We look forward to your authentic food! Many thanks to the Westfälischer Anzeiger for their support!

Leverkusen 💚

We welcome the well-known Rhineland chemistry and football city to the HomeMeal family and look forward to your delicious homemade meals based on family recipes. Many thanks to the Leverkusener Anzeiger for their support!

Salzgitter 💚

The city in the Harz foothills is on board our big mission! We are already very excited to see what great new chefs and unique meals await us. Many thanks to the Salzgitter Zeitung for their support!


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