New Indian Chef: Upasana🇮🇳👩

Upasana, who comes from the heart of Delhi, is not just a chef; she is a passionate home cook with a unique talent for blending flavors and cultures. 🇮🇳

Having a rich Bengal cuisine closely associated with her, Upasana combines traditional Bengal recipes with touches inspired by North Indian cuisines to bring authentic dishes you've been craving to your table. 🥘

The two delicious dishes prepared by Upasana, drawing inspiration from North India, open the doors to exploring the deep culinary culture of India! Chicken Momo leaves an unforgettable impression with its dough and flavorful chicken filling. Fish Curry and Rice, on the other hand, offer a magnificent fusion of unforgettable tastes specific to Bengal cuisine, blending traditional and modern flavors. 
 Discover a world where passion meets flavor now! ✨
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